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Domains: Standards, Levels of Progression, Benchmarks and Criteria

Domain of Social Interaction


Pupils interact effectively in English, orally and in writing, in varied social contexts with people from varied linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Levels of Progression

Foundation Level

Intermediate Level

Proficiency Level

Pupils interact and convey simple messages.

Pupils interact fluently using appropriate register for a limited range of social contexts.

Pupils maintain effective communication, using appropriate register for a wide range of social contexts.

Pupils interact using basic vocabulary and comprehensible, but not necessarily accurate, syntax.

Pupils interact using a broad range of vocabulary and simple syntactic structures accurately.

Pupils interact using rich vocabulary and complex syntactic structures accurately.

Benchmarks for the Domain of Social Interaction

Pupils will meet the standard for the domain of social interaction when they:




ask and answer simple questions about familiar topics and everyday situations, such as family, school, personal interests

ask and answer questions about general topics, such as current events, future plans

ask and answer questions on a wide range of general topics, such as social and global issues

express feelings, likes and dislikes

express personal wishes and opinions

express ideas and opinions, providing in-depth explanations

interact for purposes such as giving directions, making requests

interact for purposes such as agreeing and disagreeing, giving instructions, complimenting, giving advice

interact for purposes such as persuading

engage in short conversations

engage in longer conversations

engage in extended conversations, using language to suit context, audience and purpose

give and receive short messages in writing, such as notes, invitations

give and receive information in writing, such as postcards, letters, email messages


C o n t i n u u m

Foundation Level                                     Proficiency Level


Emerging Accurate
Hesitant Fluent
Short Extended
Emergent Appropriate
Simple Complex
Familiar General
Basic Rich